Monday, October 15, 2007

6 Months Along

I thought that I would get on board and do a blog page of the Larson's. We are doing really well out here in Texas. Isabella just celebrated her six months yesterday and had Pears to celebrate. Rick is still doing well in school. He is getting close to finishing his fall semester of his 3rd year. Grandma Ellen just came out over this last weekend and spoiled Bella rotten. She has her new fall clothes and now has more clothes then Rick and I combined! Couple weeks back the boys came out for the Cowboys game against the Rams. Luckily, it was not the same outcome that happened 2 years ago. Sherry and Lisa watched Bella while we went to the game and as you can see from the pics Bella just thinks that she is one of the girls! We sure do enjoy having our families come out. I am still dictating for 3 surgeons here in Dallas and am really liking it. I started a running class last week and am preparing to run an 8 mile race in November. We will see how I do, it might be ugly :). Bella is rolling over like crazy now and is getting ready to start crawling. I bet it happens in the next couple of weeks. She is a very determined little girl. She is still a diva and lets us know when she is not happy (mostly when she wants her food). She laughs more and more each day and is getting more fun everyday. I will write more soon.