Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family Pics

We finally got family pictures done this last November. I was so glad to finally get some updated pictures of Lola. Our friend Whitni came up from Houston and took our pictures. I think that these are great pictures of the kids.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Bella and Lola (6 months)

Bella playing soccer.

Brynn came out to visit with G-ma Ellen. They had such a great time together.

Bella's soccer team's name was Cats and they would cheer "1, 2, 3, Go Cats...Meow"!

Having a sleepover with grandma. This did not last very long. Bella is a crazy sleeper and had to go back to her bed.

Preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Her preschool class with her teacher Ms. Monica.

We went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch with grandma.

Growing so tall.

Preschool Halloween party that I was in charge of. It turned out so fun and the kids loved making "Splat the Cat".

Bella fishing at the Halloween Carnival at the First United Methodist Church (her preschool).

Bowling at the preschool party.

Her Halloween outfit that she picked out. She loved the sparkly shirt.

Getting ready to go Trick or Treating. Bella wanted to be Jasmine since early May. She was so excited to put on her Jasmine costume. Lola was our little black cat. She was a good sport and didn't cry until the end.

Trick or treating around our neighborhood

Preschool Thanksgiving party. A turkey actually came to visit.

Eating their Thanksgiving feast.

Lola who is such a smiler. She will always greet you with a smile, but then 5 minutes later will go all diva on you.

Bella got her first black eye. She was dancing on the table (I know, I am totally worried...not liking to wear pants and now this) and fell off and hit her eye on the edge of the table. She did not like looking at it until she started getting attention from it and then it became really cool to her.

We took Bella to see the ICE show at the Gaylord Texan on the day before Thanksgiving. The ice sculptures were based on Charlie Brown and Bella loves to watch Charlie Brown. She had a great time. It was really cool to see all of the characters made out of ice. It was amazing.

Bella is a big fan of "Snoofy" and loved going through his house.

We have been having a lot of fun and keeping extremely busy. Rick is working really hard and I am super busy with the kids and all of their activities.

Bella is loving preschool and loves her teacher Ms. Monica. She also has been asked to be a part of an advanced gymnastics class at her gym. She now is a part of "Team Possums". She is really enjoying it and has been doing pullovers at the bar by herself. She is so strong, unlike her mother.

Lola is growing up so fast. She was not gaining weight like she should and so we took her to Bella's pediatric gastroenterologist. They took a stool sample and sure enough there was blood in her stool. She has now been placed on the same formula that Bella was on "Neocate". She is now gaining weight and can finally bend over at the stomach. She seems to be a happier baby. She is rolling over like crazy now and can sit up by herself. She shows no signs of crawling anytime soon, but I am okay with that. She is so smiley and I love that about her.

Hope everyone is well!