Monday, September 22, 2008

September Days

Bella at our church playgroup. Of course she had to dive into the fountain. She sure does love the water.

Bella with her friend Hayley at the mall. It was so fun to see our friends that had moved to Houston. They are just a couple of days apart and they just loved getting into trouble together!

Life has been so fun and yet crazy out here! I can't believe that it is already a couple of weeks into September and that Halloween is just around the corner. Bella is growing up so fast and is really becoming quite the show off. She loves to dress up and be girly, but at the same time loves to get dirty in the mud with the boys. I think that it is a great combination. There has been great news on the allergy front, Bella is now allergy free and is enjoying the new taste of milk products. This has been great for me not having to prepare a separate meal for her and plus, all of the choices I now have before me for her breakfast and lunch foods. This has been so nice and we are so lucky that it has been very short lived.

We got Bella a VW Bug, of course the Power Wheels model (like we have that much money :)). We found it off of Craigslist for a great deal and she loves it! She just drives around the house trying to run over our cats and us! We are so proud! I have attached a video of her crazy driving for you all to enjoy. She also has now signed up for a gymnastics class. Her little friend Lucy and her will now be gymnastic superstars. Look for them in the 2024 Olympics :)! She loved the bars and was really excited to be able to jump and walk on the beam. We will have pictures of this shortly. It will be so fun to see her wear a little leotard for her classes. She also has been enjoying her Kindermusik class. She loves to dance and loves music so this class has been great for her and especially me. These classes have been so nice in getting her energy out and also getting her out to play with other kids.

We are also so happy because the Dallas Cowboys season started up again ! We love the Cowboys and are going to miss going to the games out here.

Rick is still going strong in his last year of dental school. After all of the tears of him picking Baylor over UNLV, I am so glad that we chose Baylor and what a blessing it truly has been. This is a great place to live, I just wish that it was a little closer to home. If it was, we definitely would be staying.

I hope you all are doing well and I will be checking in on your blogs!