Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun with Daddy!

Getting ready for the pool with her dad!
Can you say swimsuit model?? What a poser!
Bella and Lilly playing with bubbles.
Horns on the fitting!

So it has been so great having Rick home! He is now officially a fourth year dental student and I can't believe he will be done in one year! He has been so great at finding a balance with family and school and boy does Bella love it when he is home! Since Rick has been out of school we have been swimming and going to the park a lot! Bella loves to swim and put her face in the water. Bella had a very fun pool day with her friend Lilly today. She also ran into her friends Asher, Caleb, and Jacob at the pool as well. Also, her new favorite word to say is Asher. To be honest Bella has a huge crush on him and constantly wants to go and play with him.

Life is going good out here. We have decided to stay at our current apartment to finish out the school year. We have really enjoyed Lewisville and all of the parks. It really has been a great place to live. We do miss Utah a lot though and are hoping that we can end up back there to set up practice.

Bella is growing so fast and has developed quite the personality. She likes to talk on the phone, vacuum with me with her push popper, and beat up on little kids ( I am so proud :) )! We love her to death, but she sure is a handful.

Oh and on that video with her trying on the swimsuit as a cape... I am sure some of you ladies can relate to the stuffing. Hopefully Bella will get blessed with a little bit more than her mom has :)!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just a Little Somethin'

Eating soy mac & cheese after a long and wild hair nap!
Playing in some flowers after church!

Just Chillin' in her chair.

So life out here in Texas is just movin' along. Rick is almost done with his third year of dental school and then we have one year left. It will be interesting to see where we end up a year from now. Rick is in finals now and it will be so nice to have him done for a couple of weeks until they start into their fourth year.

Bella is just as crazy as ever and we love it! She can find her bellybutton as well as finding my bellybutton in the most inopportune times (church, grocery stores, etc.). She is now saying two, mamma, dadda, and kitty. At one point I thought she was saying a bad word, but luckily if it was a bad word it wasn't used again. I don't know why she decided to start saying two other than she loves when we go up the stairs and we count. She will say two for the first step and I just pretend that she is right :)! She is getting her first molar in and she has been miserable. I thought it was because of her 1st year shots, but now I know what the real cause was for her moodiness. Her 1st birthday check up was quite hilarious. All of the nurses just thought she was so cute as she was walking back to the exam room and was babbling to all of them, but right when we entered into the exam room she through a fit and started crying hysterically! She definitely knew where she was. The nurses than proceeded to do rock, paper, scissors to see who would be the lucky one to give Bellazilla her shots. The poor sucker who lost had a tough time restraining Bellazilla, but luckily it was over pretty quickly. The conclusion after the exam was that Bella is a BIG BABY! She was in the 90th percentile for height, weight, and noggin! We were reassured that this Neocate was not going to make her a sumo wrestler so we are holding the doctors to that :)!

I am doing great too! I have decided to start finding things to do for myself and have started running in the mornings with Bella in a jogging stroller and with some friends and am starting tennis lessons tonight. I am way excited and Megan I am ready for a rematch when we get together again and hopefully I won't nail you in the head again when we play :)! Work is good too. I have just enough that I can get it done during Bella's naps.

Well that is it on the Larson Front... I hope everyone is doing great! The video is of some things that Bella has learned and of course of her just being Bella!