Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Springing Forward

Bella showing that she can play a little hoops too!

Rick showing us that he still has it even though he is 31!
Bella dressing herself. She loves the bling, bling!
It has definitely been spring here in Dallas. We have really been enjoying the 80 degree temperatures and being able to wear shorts and go to the park. Bella is following in her daddy's footsteps and loves to play soccer. She will just continue to kick the ball until she is stopped by a fence or until she trips and falls down. She is growing up so fast and it is amazing how fast time is flying by. What is also amazing is how bipolar the weather is out here too! It was a nice 83 degrees yesterday and now today's high is going to be 45. Crazy, but all I can say is that at least it doesn't stay in the low temps for very long since we will be back up to the 70's by Monday.

I was trying to potty train Bella this past week, but ultimately my lazy side won. Most of you know how much I hate dirty diapers and stinky bums, so the potty training failed after one missed poop in the toilet. I just love diapers!! I love the convenience of them, I love that I don't have to make Bella use a public restrooms, and I love how, for the most part, all the stinkyness stays inside the diaper. Bella has been asking to wear big girl panties and doesn't want to wear the diapers anymore so I am assuming I will have to start back up again soon...or maybe I will just wait until Jackie comes out for Rick's graduation and she can just do it for me since she has 4 kids experience :). Bella has been cracking us up lately and her "spirited" personality is coming out more and more. She now yells at us "No, be quiet!", "That's mine!", "Stop it!! Ow, Ow, Ow!" The last one is always my favorite saying that she seems to do at church or at the grocery store and she does it right in front of someone so they think that I am abusing her. It is great.

Rick is doing really well. He has only two months until graduation and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. What a long and hard process it has been for him and we are all just so proud of him. He has passed his National Boards and his Mock Boards and so all he has left is the licencing boards in the middle of April.

I am still staying busy with work and Bella. I am still taking my tennis lessons on Tuesday nights and love it. Plus, being the enrichment leader keeps me busy as well. I am surprised at how much I have really enjoyed this calling, mostly because of the great people on the committee. Rick has also surprised me with tickets to my favorite band in April for our anniversary. We are going to see Blue October in Austin on April 11 and I think that it will be great. I will hopefully get to post pictures of me throwing myself on the stage.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Sorry about the wind blowing in this video.

Bella was delirious for this video, bad nights sleep and a poor nap.