Friday, June 20, 2008

Dallas World Aquarium

So we just love the annual pass that we got to the Dallas World Aquarium! Bella and I took an adventure down there and Rick met us there during his 1 hour lunch break (his dental school is super close to the aquarium so that is so nice). Bella loves it there and especially loves the floor to ceiling aquarium that holds the manatees, catfishes, and huge sea turtles. She just chases them around and it is so fun to watch her point at them and laugh when they get close to her. As you can tell there are hardly any pictures of her actually looking at me, because she is just too busy checking out the animals. It is so fun, I am so glad that we got this pass (thanks for your contribution Sean and Cari :)). These pictures are from the two times that we have been down there with our pass. As you can tell in the pics, those striped pink shorts on Bella are super tight. Yes our 14 month old is in 2T's and right now she is growing so fast that I am not sure if I want to spend too much money on getting her a lot of new clothes :)! I know...I am mean.

We are so excited for our trip to Utah and California in a couple of weeks! I must say I am a little nervous about Disneyland, but as much as I hate to admit this and be THAT parent, I did get Bella a backpack leash. I just know how much she loves to run and break free of her parents so I decided that was the best bet to let her have some freedom, but also be attached to us. Anyways, I am sure that I will have pictures of Bella on a leash so I am sure you all will be looking forward to that. Let me know, all of you that have been there, what rides I can take a 15 month old on. Any suggestions would be great. Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday/Father's Day Ricky Lee!

So we had a very eventful weekend. First we celebrated Ricky's 31st birthday yesterday and today is Father's Day! Bella and I had so much fun preparing for this fun occasion. I thought I would take on the task of baking Rick a birthday cake and it turned out great except for the fact that the serving size was for 16 to 18 people. Yep, there is only three of us in our little family. I got a little carried away.

Rick also was surprised with the xbox 360, which all of the family members chipped in for and also, Rick and I were spoiled with a combined gift of Wii Fit! It is such a blast and if you have the Wii I would totally recommend it! Thanks to all of our family for taking such good care of us. We love you!

I also just wanted to say a quick appreciation to my dad, Rock, Don, and Rick on this Father's day! To my dad, I thank you so much for your willingness to help us out and to completely understand the financial hardship that occurs while putting yourself through school and raising a family while doing it! You have saved us so many times with Bella and her costly habits and we thank you so much! I love your sense of humor and you always know how to make me laugh! Thanks for being such a great dad! Rock, your wit and sarcastic sense of humor is so fun and I just love playing Hearts with you and beating you :)! Thanks for raising such a great grandson and for the support you give our family. Don, you are such a warm and thoughtful person! I still remember from my surgery you telling me how you felt like you needed to say a prayer for me while you were driving and so you pulled off the side of the road to do it. You are so kind and I appreciate all that you have done for Rick and I as well. And finally Rick, what a great husband and father you are! Bella just loves you so much and everyday cannot wait to have you walk through the door. She definitely is a "Daddy's Girl"! We love you and appreciate all the hard work that you put into our little family!

Happy Father's Day to Sean and Jeremy. What great examples you are to our family.

Happy Father's Day to all!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Some Fun Pics

I thought I would post some pics of Bella from her birthday shoot! I just love these pics and my friend Whitni does such a great job. You can take a look at her work at . Bella's personality really came out in this shoot and I think the pictures captured her personality completely.

Things are going great these days. Bella is still climbing, bouncing, and running! She is not one to stay still. Rick has now started his fourth year and is just waiting for some more root canals...any takers :)??!!

I just finished the first batch of tennis lessons and am starting up again this week! I love it and am so glad that I have gotten back into to playing. Megan, you and CJ better start practicing up :)!

Bella is now saying "two, Momma, Dadda, kitty cat, shoes, oh no, and oh shoot". Sometimes the "oh shoot" sounds like a bad word, but luckily she is a baby so she can get away with it. We are so excited to go home to Utah in a month to see our family and friends. It seems like it has been forever since we have been home! We also get to go to Disneyland and we can't wait for Bella to go to the park. It should be interesting, fun, and also crazy!

Hope you all are having a great summer break!