Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our little Nadia!

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Bella has now been to gymnastics three times and loves it! It is so cute to see her in her leotard and trying to do the different apparatuses. She really gets excited about the bar. I think that will be her best event :). Her teacher is so great with her and I am so glad that I found this class, it really helps get her energy out.
Nothing new is happening out here. Rick just finished a huge pharmacology test and passed with flying colors. A lot of people are trying to recruit Rick to join their practices from places like North Carolina to here in Dallas to Arizona to Utah and finally to California. It is a very exciting time, but also very scary to have to make this huge decision on where to live and where to raise a family. Rick, however, is not stressed, as I take on enough stress about it for the both of us.
My enrichment leader calling is keeping me super busy, but I am actually really liking it. I am not creative, but when you have people on your committee that are it really helps out. We just got our tickets to go home to Utah for Christmas and the best part of it is that we got a great deal on them! Too bad the baggage fee will make up for it.
Hope you all are well!!!