Friday, February 26, 2010

Catch Up

Bella in our backyard. It has been so great having a yard. Bye bye apartment living!!!

Going back to her roots :)!

Dance Performance

Getting her hair done for the Princess Ball with dad.

Getting her nails done.

All dressed up!

Daddy/Daughter Valentines Date.

Bella with Ariel and Tinkerbell.

Bella with Snow White.

Tea Party with her dance friends.

I have become super bad at updating this blog. I didn't even do Christmas. Shame on me :)! Everything is going really well with us. I am now 30 weeks and I wish that I was 39 weeks. It is taking forever! Bella is excited about her new baby sister that is on the way. She wants to name her "Bella Larson's Baby". She has been carrying a baby in her tummy too and tells me how big her tummy is getting. I am happy that she is getting a sister, especially since I love my sister so much.
Rick is keeping busy with work. He works at Brighton Dental in Cottonwood Heights 3 days a week and then is at Canyon River Dental in Provo for two days. He is liking dentistry, which is good because there is no turning back now. He also is really happy because our ward has ward basketball and ward football. He is in heaven. That boy does love sports as you are all aware.
Bella has been enjoying making new friends and playing with her old friends. She had a tea party with her dance friends at our house and she loved being the hostess. She is getting so tall and we now had to buy her 5T clothes. I think this is crazy since she doesn't even turn three until April. She definitely gets the tall genes from her daddy. She is still involved in dance and gymnastics. I posted some of her dance performance pics and then a video from their practice. I cannot figure out how to transfer the video from our camera to our computer yet. That will be a project for this weekend. For Valentines Day Rick took Bella to a daddy/daughter princess ball at our gym. Bella got her hair and nails done at the spa there and then got to dress up like a princess. All of the Disney princesses were there and she couldn't wait to meet Cinderella (unfortunately dad forgot to take a picture of them together). Rick says that she had a great time and that she just danced and danced.
I hope everyone is doing well!

Bella's dance that she performed at Christmas. She is the one in the center with the brown hair and pig tails.