Saturday, November 29, 2008

Elmo Live!!!

On our way to see the show.

Bella and Lucy with their spinning Elmo toy.

Waiting "impatiently" for the show to start.

Bella's excited face when the show starts.

Poor Rach got stuck with Bella because she was the nice one. Not like Bella's mean parents or the scary usher who wouldn't let her rush the stage.

Bella and Lucy wrapped up in their towels after swimming.

Down at the Riverwalk.

Bella's favorite person in the world has to be Elmo. She sings and dances to the Elmo's World song and she watches him faithfully. Let's just say she is a huge fan. Someone who definitely competes with her for the biggest fan award would be her friend Lucy. Because of this loyalty and undying love for Elmo, our friend's Marshall, Rachel, Lucy, and Gracie and our family took Bella and Lucy down to San Antonio to see Elmo Live. It was fun to see the girls enjoy seeing Elmo in person. Bella became a crazed fan during the show and attempted to run up on to the stage, not just one time, but three separate occasions. The usher had to warn us a few times about our rebellious daughter and also about her out of control dancing in the aisle. They had such a great time and we are so glad that we got to go. We got to go swimming, play some Wii, and go down to the Riverwalk. It was a short trip, and other than me getting completely creamed in Mario Party, it was a fun trip.
We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. Rick's grandparents came into town for the holiday and we had a great time taking them around the city. Bella has been having a little bit of separation anxiety problems, but luckily she warmed up to her grandparents in no time. Hopefully this anxiety will all go away soon, but unfortunately it seems to be getting worse. Nursery has been a "no go" for several weeks now and gymnastics has become a little difficult for her too. Very weird.

Bella and her friend Lilly jumping in the crib. They were little jumping jelly beans.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had such a great Halloween this year, as well as a great October all together! Bella went to her first pumpkin patch and loved every minute of it. She got to ride a train, pick out her very own pumpkin, and play in the pumpkins! I asked her if she wanted to be Dora or Minnie and she chose Minnie. She loves her Minnie Mouse that she got from Disneyland and she carries her all over the place! I think that her favorite part of the whole costume were the gloves.

Our playgroup had its 1st annual trunk or treat and we had a great turnout!! Unfortunately since Bella has my grace and coordination, she biffed it twice within 15 minutes of it starting and tore her dress. That's my girl :)!

On Halloween night our friends the Berry's invited us over for dinner and to go trick or treating. She made a killing with all of the candy she got and really buttered up the people handing out the candy by saying "Tick or Teat" and "fank fu". She did a great job and didn't get scared when we went to a house that had "Leather Face" outside with his chainsaw. We are loving all of the candy, not to mention that I found my favorite new candy bar "white chocolate Kit Kats."

Other than that, we are keeping busy; Rick with school and me with enrichment. I had no idea how time consuming a calling could be!! Luckily I am not a primary president or a relief society president!! Bella just continues to grow and went to nursery for the first time yesterday (two weeks late due to sicknesses in the Larson household). I must admit that it made me a little sad to see her go in there. She is growing up way too fast!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our little Nadia!

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Bella has now been to gymnastics three times and loves it! It is so cute to see her in her leotard and trying to do the different apparatuses. She really gets excited about the bar. I think that will be her best event :). Her teacher is so great with her and I am so glad that I found this class, it really helps get her energy out.
Nothing new is happening out here. Rick just finished a huge pharmacology test and passed with flying colors. A lot of people are trying to recruit Rick to join their practices from places like North Carolina to here in Dallas to Arizona to Utah and finally to California. It is a very exciting time, but also very scary to have to make this huge decision on where to live and where to raise a family. Rick, however, is not stressed, as I take on enough stress about it for the both of us.
My enrichment leader calling is keeping me super busy, but I am actually really liking it. I am not creative, but when you have people on your committee that are it really helps out. We just got our tickets to go home to Utah for Christmas and the best part of it is that we got a great deal on them! Too bad the baggage fee will make up for it.
Hope you all are well!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

September Days

Bella at our church playgroup. Of course she had to dive into the fountain. She sure does love the water.

Bella with her friend Hayley at the mall. It was so fun to see our friends that had moved to Houston. They are just a couple of days apart and they just loved getting into trouble together!

Life has been so fun and yet crazy out here! I can't believe that it is already a couple of weeks into September and that Halloween is just around the corner. Bella is growing up so fast and is really becoming quite the show off. She loves to dress up and be girly, but at the same time loves to get dirty in the mud with the boys. I think that it is a great combination. There has been great news on the allergy front, Bella is now allergy free and is enjoying the new taste of milk products. This has been great for me not having to prepare a separate meal for her and plus, all of the choices I now have before me for her breakfast and lunch foods. This has been so nice and we are so lucky that it has been very short lived.

We got Bella a VW Bug, of course the Power Wheels model (like we have that much money :)). We found it off of Craigslist for a great deal and she loves it! She just drives around the house trying to run over our cats and us! We are so proud! I have attached a video of her crazy driving for you all to enjoy. She also has now signed up for a gymnastics class. Her little friend Lucy and her will now be gymnastic superstars. Look for them in the 2024 Olympics :)! She loved the bars and was really excited to be able to jump and walk on the beam. We will have pictures of this shortly. It will be so fun to see her wear a little leotard for her classes. She also has been enjoying her Kindermusik class. She loves to dance and loves music so this class has been great for her and especially me. These classes have been so nice in getting her energy out and also getting her out to play with other kids.

We are also so happy because the Dallas Cowboys season started up again ! We love the Cowboys and are going to miss going to the games out here.

Rick is still going strong in his last year of dental school. After all of the tears of him picking Baylor over UNLV, I am so glad that we chose Baylor and what a blessing it truly has been. This is a great place to live, I just wish that it was a little closer to home. If it was, we definitely would be staying.

I hope you all are doing well and I will be checking in on your blogs!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Days with Bella

Well life has gone back to normal now that Rick has gone back to school. I have been trying to find creative things for Bella and I to do while it is hot outside and I really have been coming up short! I have tried finger painting, dress up, and beauty parlor with her and for the most part the activities last, at most, about 10 minutes. It is amazing how long a day can be when naps are short and a whiny child sets in. She sure is cute though and is growing up so fast. Her vocabulary never ceases to amaze me. She is our little parrot now and we are really having to watch what we say. She just cracks me up with her smart Alec attitude and her independent spirit! We sure do love Bella!!!

I have received a new calling that I have been extremely nervous about with my lack of creative talent. I have been called as the Enrichment Leader and it has been so far a really fun experience. Last night we had to get our invitations ready for the upcoming activity and I think we spent about 1/2 hour on finishing the invitations and another 4 hours of talking. It was great. It is so nice to have adult conversations with my new calling instead of the last 3 years of talking to children (primary teacher).

I also have a confession to make! I apologize to all of you who I thought were dorks for reading "The Book". Yes I have fallen into the dorkiness of the Twilight Series and I must say I love it! I asked my sister if this would be a good thing considering that Rick does not have a romantic bone in his body, you know wondering if I would be mad at him for not doing the things that Edward does... But so far not bad and it is nice to finally have a book I truly enjoy. So my book choices of this summer would be these two:

I know that I am bias because one of the books is my dad's, but honestly I have really loved his books and they are really well written. He also has a medical mystery book that is really hard to put down. Take a look at his website at to see all of his books. The Twilight series are such girl books and that is why I have really enjoyed reading them. I was, however, extremely disappointed looking at the movie trailer. Could they have not found a cuter Edward??!!

Hope you all are doing great!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All Quiet on the Texas Front

Yep, nothing much is happening out here in Texas other than the heat and more heat! Rick has been home with us for the last few weeks while he is on summer break. We have done a lot of cleaning, a lot of errands, and a lot of tag teaming Bella. There is not much to do out here when it is BlAzInG hOt!!! Today we did attempt the zoo. Bella really loves to be around animals and we thought that if we went early in the morning that we could miss the heat and crowds. We were wrong. It was half price Wednesday and school is still out for all of the kids. Not to mention that the heat was beating down on us and the animals were seeking shelter and we could not see them. Luckily, the white tiger did come out and play with Bella and she laughed every time it went by (see attached video). She also really enjoyed the bird area where she got to hold out a seed stick for the birds to come and eat off of it. Good Times!
Bella also had her 15 month check even though she is 16 months tomorrow. The pediatrician put it so politely when he said that "Bella is spirited and her spirit can't be harnessed". Isn't that the truth??!! He did give us some helpful pointers on how to try to get her tantrums under control, which was great. She also is sporting the 90th percentile for height and head! She definitely has her dad's height and for sure her mother's big head!
Nothing much is happening here other than Rick is now in heaven because he found a soccer league that doesn't play on Sunday's and I am still getting up at the crack of dawn to go running. The 1/2 marathon is now 6 weeks away! That should be comical and a good day for the Dallas EMT's :)!
Hope you all are well!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Weeks Vacation

What a great vacation we had!!! We flew into Salt Lake on July 13th where we had so much fun visiting with family and friends. Bella got a kick out of going to the Gateway and playing in the synchronized water fountain. She loves the water and takes advantage by jumping in any chance she gets. Rick got to go on his yearly waterski trip with his grandparents and was dead for days later. I was glad to see some of my friends, unfortunately we missed some of our friends because of the short time we were there. Bella was excited to see her grandparents and also had a fun time at the Old Spaghetti Factory. She likes spaghetti a lot.

We then journeyed down to St. George to spend a few days with my family. Bella was a little shy around her cousins at first, but it didn't take long before she started going crazy with them. She absorbed all of the attention and it seemed as though she had a crush on Cole :)! Her older cousins took such good care of her and she loved every minute of it. We also went up to my dads house and got to swim in their fun pool. Bella loves to swim and also to be dunked. This is very weird considering that I hate being dunked and I don't really love swimming under water. She definitely gets that from her dad. She loved going down my dads slide and I have attached a video of her going down it.

Next, we took off to Disneyland. To be honest I was a little concerned about taking Bella to Disneyland, but to our surprise she really enjoyed it!!! She had such a great time and was not fussy at all. There was so much to do and honestly I could have stayed another day there. Rick was in heaven at the Princess Luncheon that we went to. Mostly because the princesses were all really pretty and they just loved the loving dad image Rick was putting off :). Belle even called Rick her Beast. Isn't that the truth??!!

Bella loved the beach and playing in the sand. It was such a relaxing day. What more could you ask for on your birthday Disneyland and the beach. Great day!! The day before we left we went to Legoland. Not such an enjoyable experience. Bella was tired and had gotten sick with a cough and a runny nose. She pretty much whined and cried the whole time there. We took off early from that park and to be honest I would have rather done one more day at Disneyland. Sunday we headed home and Bella surprised us by sleeping 2 1/2 hours of the 3 hour flight. Are we lucky or what??!! The transitioning back to normalcy has gone a lot better then expected. Bella does miss her cousins and the fun that they had, but the sleep has been much better!

Thanks to our families for such a wonderful trip and Mom thank you so much for the great time in California. You made the trip so much fun and what a great time we had spending it with our family! Thanks for the memories. We love you all and miss you all!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Days

Last week was a really fun week. Since it has been so hot out here we try to find ways to have fun while still beating the heat. It's been 100+ several times. On Monday a group of us decided to go to the mall and let the kids go wild at the play area. What I love about Texas is that it is very family oriented, there are lots of kid friendly things to do such as play areas, great parks, and fun kid places to go. The malls out here have a play gym area that has slides, cars, trucks and all kinds of other contraptions. This makes a great indoor and air conditioned escape. Great idea right?! On Tuesday we went to the Lewisville community pool that has fun little kid areas that are made for toddlers and babies. Bella had such a blast and loved going down the water slide with me (even though I got injured on the toddler slide :)). Wednesday we went to a free petting farm down in Irving and it was perfect for Bella! She loves animals and was excited to be able to pet the goats, rabbits, cows, and deer! On Thursday, Rick and I took Bella down to the aquarium again, but it was very short lived because Bella had missed a nap and was not a happy camper. Friday was Independence Day and we headed on over to our friend's house for a bbq and some swimming. It was very fun as Bella has really taken a liking to the water. She loves to go underwater and jump from the side of the pool to me. She is definitely a water baby! Saturday we got to go to a 1st birthday party for Bella's friend Lilly! Lilly was so cute in her b-day outfit and Bella just loved to play with all the Balloon's. It was such a fun week and now we have less than a week before we head off to Utah and California! How quickly this summer is flying by!

Rick is staying really busy with school and he is really excited to be a fourth year! In less than one year he will be an actual dentist! I won't know what to think after we have been professional students for so long!

I am still waking up at 5:40 am to go running with a group of friends. We are training for a 10k in September and then possibly a half marathon in October! I have never been a fan of running, but it is growing on me!

Hope you all are having a great summer!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dallas World Aquarium

So we just love the annual pass that we got to the Dallas World Aquarium! Bella and I took an adventure down there and Rick met us there during his 1 hour lunch break (his dental school is super close to the aquarium so that is so nice). Bella loves it there and especially loves the floor to ceiling aquarium that holds the manatees, catfishes, and huge sea turtles. She just chases them around and it is so fun to watch her point at them and laugh when they get close to her. As you can tell there are hardly any pictures of her actually looking at me, because she is just too busy checking out the animals. It is so fun, I am so glad that we got this pass (thanks for your contribution Sean and Cari :)). These pictures are from the two times that we have been down there with our pass. As you can tell in the pics, those striped pink shorts on Bella are super tight. Yes our 14 month old is in 2T's and right now she is growing so fast that I am not sure if I want to spend too much money on getting her a lot of new clothes :)! I know...I am mean.

We are so excited for our trip to Utah and California in a couple of weeks! I must say I am a little nervous about Disneyland, but as much as I hate to admit this and be THAT parent, I did get Bella a backpack leash. I just know how much she loves to run and break free of her parents so I decided that was the best bet to let her have some freedom, but also be attached to us. Anyways, I am sure that I will have pictures of Bella on a leash so I am sure you all will be looking forward to that. Let me know, all of you that have been there, what rides I can take a 15 month old on. Any suggestions would be great. Talk to you all soon!