Saturday, November 29, 2008

Elmo Live!!!

On our way to see the show.

Bella and Lucy with their spinning Elmo toy.

Waiting "impatiently" for the show to start.

Bella's excited face when the show starts.

Poor Rach got stuck with Bella because she was the nice one. Not like Bella's mean parents or the scary usher who wouldn't let her rush the stage.

Bella and Lucy wrapped up in their towels after swimming.

Down at the Riverwalk.

Bella's favorite person in the world has to be Elmo. She sings and dances to the Elmo's World song and she watches him faithfully. Let's just say she is a huge fan. Someone who definitely competes with her for the biggest fan award would be her friend Lucy. Because of this loyalty and undying love for Elmo, our friend's Marshall, Rachel, Lucy, and Gracie and our family took Bella and Lucy down to San Antonio to see Elmo Live. It was fun to see the girls enjoy seeing Elmo in person. Bella became a crazed fan during the show and attempted to run up on to the stage, not just one time, but three separate occasions. The usher had to warn us a few times about our rebellious daughter and also about her out of control dancing in the aisle. They had such a great time and we are so glad that we got to go. We got to go swimming, play some Wii, and go down to the Riverwalk. It was a short trip, and other than me getting completely creamed in Mario Party, it was a fun trip.
We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving. Rick's grandparents came into town for the holiday and we had a great time taking them around the city. Bella has been having a little bit of separation anxiety problems, but luckily she warmed up to her grandparents in no time. Hopefully this anxiety will all go away soon, but unfortunately it seems to be getting worse. Nursery has been a "no go" for several weeks now and gymnastics has become a little difficult for her too. Very weird.

Bella and her friend Lilly jumping in the crib. They were little jumping jelly beans.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had such a great Halloween this year, as well as a great October all together! Bella went to her first pumpkin patch and loved every minute of it. She got to ride a train, pick out her very own pumpkin, and play in the pumpkins! I asked her if she wanted to be Dora or Minnie and she chose Minnie. She loves her Minnie Mouse that she got from Disneyland and she carries her all over the place! I think that her favorite part of the whole costume were the gloves.

Our playgroup had its 1st annual trunk or treat and we had a great turnout!! Unfortunately since Bella has my grace and coordination, she biffed it twice within 15 minutes of it starting and tore her dress. That's my girl :)!

On Halloween night our friends the Berry's invited us over for dinner and to go trick or treating. She made a killing with all of the candy she got and really buttered up the people handing out the candy by saying "Tick or Teat" and "fank fu". She did a great job and didn't get scared when we went to a house that had "Leather Face" outside with his chainsaw. We are loving all of the candy, not to mention that I found my favorite new candy bar "white chocolate Kit Kats."

Other than that, we are keeping busy; Rick with school and me with enrichment. I had no idea how time consuming a calling could be!! Luckily I am not a primary president or a relief society president!! Bella just continues to grow and went to nursery for the first time yesterday (two weeks late due to sicknesses in the Larson household). I must admit that it made me a little sad to see her go in there. She is growing up way too fast!