Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bella and Lola's Jungle Jog

Bella and Lola had their Jungle jog on October 2nd.  They both were the top earners in their classes thanks to their wonderful grandparents and to Rick Larson DDS :)!  This was Bella's 4th jungle jog and so she was a seasoned veteran.  For Lola, this was her first time experiencing the jungle jog.  She was very nervous the night before and kept asking me, "How many laps do I need to run to win?"  She could not get the concept that this was "just for fun" and that there were no winners or losers.  She came to the race with her game face on!!!  As you can see from the pictures, she was a very determined little girl and would not even take time to high five me or to smile at the camera!!  She was all business.
 You can see the determination written all over her face!

 Unfortunately, for the majority of the race, she did not remember to get a check 
mark for each lap she completed :)! 

 She worked so hard and did so great on pushing herself! She seriously cracked me up with her competitive attitude!

Lola and her friend Will. 

We now move onto Bella's race. She obviously has realized over the past few years that this race is for fun.  She did make time to come give me a high five and smile for the camera.  Although, don't get me wrong, she was serious about getting all 36 laps done!

 Bella and her Best Friend Kate

Bella and all of her close friends from school!!

She completed the jog!

This one actually let me take a picture with her at the end! 

All in all, the jog was a complete success and the girls had a lot of fun!  Thanks to everyone who donated to their fundraiser.  They are way excited to get to throw water balloons at the principal!  

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The Dorny Family said...

It's good to have you back. I always wonder what the Larson's are up to.