Friday, October 16, 2015

Reflections 2015

Bella has been working really hard for a few months to compose a song for this year's Reflection contest.  She composed a song called "Fly Around the World" on the piano.  I am actually very impressed with how it came out.  I can honestly say that Rick and I did not help her in any way.  This was all her! We are very proud and we already think that she is a winner!!  Here is her quote on what this song was about, "The world has different parts just like my song.  Sometimes there are parts of the world that are happy and sometimes there are parts that are sad.  This is how I feel it would be if I traveled the world."

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MamaMags said...

WOW she's amazing! She's talented beyond her young years.Your dad also told me she's in the gifted program, so she must take after her sweet mama. Hope she wins!